# simplabs

Qonto project

We're very pleased to announce that we've started working with Qonto, a Paris based VC funded Fintech startup who are "the ideal banking alternative for freelancers, startups and SMEs."

Mark Coleman

March 29, 2019

# elixir

Elixir Umbrella Applications and Testing with Mox

What's the big deal with Elixir umbrellas?

An Elixir umbrella is a container for mix apps; a structure useful to separate the application's concerns as each app is contained within its own mix project.

Why is this cool?

Because it's like Lego and Lego is cool.

Who's Mox you ask?

Mox is cool too... Let's dive in!

Niklas Long

March 13, 2019

# ember

Ember.js: The Documentary - Berlin Screening

Following on from last week's premiere in Amsterdam the new HoneyPot film 'Ember: A Mini Documentary' will be shown in Berlin this evening (2019-02-11).

The film is a deep dive into the world of Ember.js and includes an interview with our CEO Marco Otte-Witte. After the screening Jessica Jordan from simplabs will present 'Everything They Didn't Tell You About the Ember Community' which will be followed by a Q&A.

Mark Coleman

February 11, 2019

# ember

Ember.js: The Documentary - Amsterdam Premiere

We're very pleased to announce that simplabs are featured in the new HoneyPot film 'Ember: A Mini Documentary' that will premiere in Amsterdam this evening (2019-02-08).

The film is a deep dive into the world of Ember.js and includes an interview with our CEO Marco Otte-Witte. After the screening there will also be a Q&A with Yehuda Katz & Special Guests!

Mark Coleman

February 8, 2019

# testing

Factories best practices

Writing tests is like drinking beer 🍻. When you first try it, the taste is really quite unpalatable, but everyone else around you is doing it and they seem to be enjoying it. You've heard about all the benefits of it, people won't stop telling you how great it is, how it changed their lives for the better. Also there is a lot of peer pressure and judgement involved, don't be that dev... so you conceal your grimace and keep trying it, on a daily basis here at simplabs. And just like beer, in no time at all, on a long hot day, when you feel yourself tiring of writing all those features and tweaking all that CSS, you realise that what you need to relax is to write a good, concise, logical, cool and refreshing test. At least that's been my experience and I want to share a few tips for factories so that your tests are easy for your friends, colleagues, the next developer to read.

Andy Brown

December 20, 2018

# javascript

Assert Your Style - Testing CSS in Ember Apps

Sometimes you really want to make sure that your web application looks good; and that it keeps doing so in the future. Automated tests are an important foundation for making your application's appearance future-proof and this may involve the integration of a screenshot-based testing tool like or PhantomCSS.

But writing your own visual regression tests for critical styles in your application can be really useful, too - and it can be easily done on top of that!

Jessica Jordan

December 10, 2018

# misc

Open Source Maintenance

People often ask us how we can handle maintaining a large number of open-source projects. In this blog post we will introduce you to some of out internal best practices we have developed or discovered to simplify and speed up working on open-source and other projects.

Tobias Bieniek

November 27, 2018

# javascript

From SPA to PWA

Progressive Web Apps are the next level of browser based applications. While Single Page Apps (SPAs) have already meant a giant leap forward, PWAs are taking things even one step further. They offer a rich user experience that parallels what users know and expect from native apps and combine that with the benefits that browser based applications provide. In this post, we'll look at how to turn a Single Page App into a Progressive Web App.

Marco Otte-Witte

July 24, 2018