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Building a PWA with Glimmer.js

We recently set out to build a progressive web app with Glimmer.js. Instead of building it with Ember.js, which is our standard framework of choice, we wanted to see how suitable for prime-time Glimmer.js is and what we'd be able to accomplish with it. To put it short, we are really happy with how building the app went and the result that we were able to achieve. In this series of posts, we will give some insights into how we built the app, why we made particular decisions and what the result looks like.

Marco Otte-Witte

July 3, 2018

# ember

ember-intl data loading patterns

At simplabs we ❤️ ember-intl and use it for all our projects where translations or other localizations are needed. ember-intl is based on the native Intl APIs that were introduced in all newer browsers a while ago. Unfortunately some users are still using browsers that don't support them and this blog post will show you our preferred way to load the necessary polyfill and the associated data.

Tobias Bieniek

June 18, 2018

# elixir

Handling Webhooks in Phoenix

I recently had to implement a controller, which took care of receiving and processing webhooks. The thing is, the application had to handle webhooks which often contained very different information, and they were all going to one route and one controller action. This didn't really seem to fit with my goal of keeping controller actions concise and focused. So I set out to find a better solution.

Niklas Long

February 14, 2018

# ember

Using ember-freestyle as a component playground

A component playground is an application that you can use to test out and play around with your custom components in isolation from the rest of your project. In the React and Vue ecosystem Storybook is a quite popular project that implements such a component playground as part of your app. In the Ember ecosystem we have the ember-freestyle addon that can be used for this purpose. This blog post will show you how to install ember-freestyle in your app and how to use it to build and test components in isolation.

Tobias Bieniek

January 24, 2018

# ember


We recently improved the initial load time of an Ember.js app for mobile clients, by using Ember Engines and leveraging that to lazily loaded parts of the app's code. In this blog post we're going to show how we extracted the engine out of the app and discuss some smaller issues we ran into along the way and how we solved them. So let's dive right in!

Clemens Müller

December 4, 2017