Elixir : Elixir & Phoenix: the best of all worlds

Elixir combines the expressiveness and simplicity of Ruby with the performance and stability of the Erlang VM. Phoenix builds on the concepts first introduced by Ruby on Rails, combining them with a number of architectural improvements to take the architecture into the future.

Together, Elixir and Phoenix form a modern and capable stack for building ambitious digital products of the future, based on an established foundation that has proven itself for decades.

Early adoption, long-term commitment

simplabs was an early adopter of Elixir and Phoenix, offering trainings and leveraging the potential of the stack for our clients. We support the Elixir Munich meetup, have been actively involved with conferences like ElixirConf and ElixirConf EU and are honored to be a Founding Sponsor of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

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simplabs is a Founding Sponsor of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation.

We share our expertise

Every new project gives us the opportunity to learn and grow our expertise. We share what we learn with the community via talks at conferences, at meetups and on our blog.

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