# javascript

3 ways you can improve your npm publish

Publishing JavaScript projects on npm can become quite an overwhelming task when projects grow to a certain size. At simplabs we're maintaining over a dozen actively used JavaScript projects that we've published on npm. We don't always have plenty of time for that, but we made sure that at least the release process is as automated as possible, so that we can spend our time on the things that really matter.

This blog post will show you three of our most important tricks to improve how you publish your packages to npm.

Tobias Bieniek

November 26, 2021

# ember

Automating Ember releases with Rust

Releasing a new version of Ember is no uncomplicated task. This process involves several different core teams, who are responsible for several packages and resources between them. In this post, I will explain how I used Rust to build a tool that automates part of the Ember release process.

Ricardo Mendes

November 9, 2021

# ember

Managing modal dialogs in Ember.js with Promises

Modal dialogs are about as widespread as they are missunderstood. No matter if you call them modal windows, popups, popovers, overlays, or dialogs: A thing that asks a question or presents a subordinate task; a general annoyance to developers and accessibility experts alike.

Even if you use them rarely, most applications will need modal dialogs at some point to ask existential questions. The app asks your user and waits to resolve its uncertainty by their answer.

Florian Pichler

August 26, 2021

# process

Effective infrastructure for efficient development workflows

Building software products of any kind is hard enough. Doing so without the support of powerful infrastructure that enables efficient workflows is even harder. Yet, many teams are suffering from the absence of such infrastructure, forcing them into very much inefficient workflows with substantial time and effort going into synchronizing the work of different engineers, tracking down bugs, and getting back to tasks later that were already thought to be complete.

Marco Otte-Witte

July 13, 2021

# process

How to create an interface inventory

Are you struggling with a messy interface? Is your digital product full of inconsistencies? Are your designers and developers having a hard time aligning on how to evolve your UI?

If so, consider creating an interface inventory. It is a small but powerful step towards a homogenous, pattern-based digital design strategy.

Mar High

June 2, 2021

# github

Trying your GitHub Actions locally

If, like me, configuring GitHub Actions is not your thing and you find yourself wanting to try something before actually pushing it to GitHub (and having to see the effects on real-life), follow this step by step of how to run your GitHub Actions on your own computer.

Samanta de Barros

March 15, 2021