Services : Developing web applications that are built to last

Product excellence through digital experiences that are clean, dependable, and architected for scale.

What We Do

simplabs is a digital product consultancy that designs and develops mobile and web applications for clients around the globe. We have our roots in the open source community (we’re the foremost Ember.js team in Europe) and create digital products for clients that value code quality, robustness, dependability and honesty.


Built To Last

Our most fundamental belief is to build products that work well and keep working well—to strive for products that will stand the test of time, quietly delight users, and scale and expand easily. Timeless quality is the ultimate goal.

Clean, Functional Design

Users demand clean, focused interfaces that result in outstanding user experience. As complexity grows, so does the need for design. Sleek, intuitive interfaces win the “hearts and minds” of busy users.

Move Fast Without Breaking Things

Finding the most elegant solutions is achieved through a cadence of fast iterations and incremental feature releases. We seek speed and flexibility without sacrificing quality or breaking things.

Excellence In Engineering

Excellence means not cutting any corners. To consider the edge cases, write clean and maintainable code, and test thoroughly. Product perfectionism breeds best-in-class performance.

Deeply Understand The Problem

The better we understand the roots of the problems we're creating products for, the more impactful the solutions can be. Solving starts with understanding.


simplabs' experienced engineers delivered a solid and well architected foundation for our web app. They also helped us establish best practices and a lean process internally. Working with them was a pleasure.

Andreas Knürr, Timify CEO

Digital Products Transform bold ideas into shipped products

Our team of experts delivers everything from ideation to design and engineering. We can turn any idea sketched on the back of a napkin into a final, shipped mobile or web application.

How we can Help

Product Strategy

Structured methods to turn assumptions into knowledge, and craft crystal-clear concepts and specs for both new and existing products.

Product Design

Great product design is what makes digital products tick. Research, rapid prototyping and testing turn your vision into remarkable experiences.

Product Development

From start to finish you work with the same team of experienced product experts, engineers and designers to bring your product to life.

Team Augmentation Level-up Your Product and Engineering Teams

Our experts temporarily join your in-house engineering teams to increase code quality and throughput, and help to sustainably lift team productivity.


simplabs are well known as the Ember.js experts and they absolutely live up to the expectations. They had an immediate as well as significant positive impact on both our velocity and quality of output.

Marc-Antoine Lacroix, Qonto CTO

Training & Support Tailor-made Trainings and Support

We train and tutor engineering teams to set them up for long term success. Support ranges from tailor-made workshops to code reviews and technical audits.

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