Our Services

We offer software engineering, technology consulting as well as individual and group training.

Software Engineering

simplabs builds solutions for the web and mobile devices for everyone from small startups to long-established businesses. Our solutions are well architected and easy to maintain and extend by our clients once we have left.

We turn our client's ideas into successful products by taking over projects completely and working closely with the client's product team in short iterations.

For clients that have an in-house engineering team already, we can augment that team to help reach delivery deadlines or improve quality. By working closely with our experienced experts, the client's engineers will be able to extend and deepen their knowledge in the respective technologies.

Technology Consulting

We offer consulting services to help clients successfully implement their own projects based on decisions and designs that we help make and validate.

Having years of experience with Ember.js, Ruby on Rails, distributed systems, scaling of large applications and related technologies, we can plan and review architectures, find and fix performance bottlenecks or help making technology decisions.


simplabs offers individual and group training by tutors with extensive experience in the respective technologies. From introductory workshops on frameworks like Ember.js or Phoenix to advanced classes on distributed systems design, authentication, deployment or scalability, we set up customized training sessions that suit the needs of clients and their teams.

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