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Managing modal dialogs in Ember.js with Promises

Modal dialogs are about as widespread as they are missunderstood. No matter if you call them modal windows, popups, popovers, overlays, or dialogs: A thing that asks a question or presents a subordinate task; a general annoyance to developers and accessibility experts alike.

Even if you use them rarely, most applications will need modal dialogs at some point to ask existential questions. The app asks your user and waits to resolve its uncertainty by their answer.


Building prototypes with Ember.js

Have you ever been in charge of creating click dummies, interactive demos or that thing that is made from static images and enriched with hotspots, page transitions and states?

Reaching for Invision or Marvel or the built-in features in Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD is your obvious choice. About 90% into the project you realize you need something in the demo which can't be done in the tool you chose. You hit the same wall I did a while ago.

I was looking for alternative solutions and while Framer does provide many possibilities, I wished there was a different tool which would sit closer to the apps we write for our clients. Dummies are a helpful tool to explore new ideas inside an existing product after all.

Given our client apps are written in Ember.js this was bound to be a new addon for the Ember community. Allowing you to create prototypes, while using little code, but with the full power of the Ember.js ecosystem whenever you need it, thus making it easier to explore new ideas no matter if you start from scratch or want to improve on an existing prject.


The little changes that helped to transform an RFC into

The new landing page for Ember.js is a big project.

In 2018 there was an RFC for updating the website. Which was a great thing, but there was just a mockup for the desktop website and a few of the interactive states. No version for small screens, no layout grid or repeatable measures.

So besides development, there was the task of converting this initial design mockup into a full-featured design system with elements and components that can be reused across the large Ember.js universe for which the landing page is only the doorway.

This post highlights some of the changes I proposed and which made it to the final website.

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