Blog: Posts by Jessica Jordan

Jessica Jordan

Senior Frontend Engineer, Ember Learning Core team member


Why Companies Invest In Open-Source and Why Yours Should, Too

Less productivity, missed project deadlines and wasted money: that’s what you get for letting your developers work on open-source projects. Or do you really?

This blog post highlights on which levels contribution to open-source provides value to businesses and demonstrates why paying your team to spend time on OSS might be the best business decision you will make this year.


Assert Your Style - Testing CSS in Ember Apps

Sometimes you really want to make sure that your web application looks good; and that it keeps doing so in the future. Automated tests are an important foundation for making your application's appearance future-proof and this may involve the integration of a screenshot-based testing tool like or PhantomCSS.

But writing your own visual regression tests for critical styles in your application can be really useful, too - and it can be easily done on top of that!

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