Webinar : The ultimate marketers guide to modern web apps and why users are demanding more

Want to know how forward looking marketing departments are taking advantage of modern web apps to capture new demand with incredible online experiences?

Build incredible experiences for your users

The way that web apps are built has changed dramatically in recent years. Changes in devices, browsers and usage patterns have created a wave of innovation which is waiting to be used by forward looking marketing departments.

After this webinar you will understand why these changes are occurring, how technology is responding to this shift and crucially, how you can use these technologies to build incredible experiences for your users.

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About simplabs

simplabs build cutting edge web apps for clients around the world. Our team of experts speak internationally on all aspects of modern web development, from cutting edge design that delights new users to globally distributed infrastructure that keeps everything working when demand grows. We’re looking forward to sharing our research in this webinar and answering any questions you have.

Our clients projects show the success of progressive web applications


Qonto is the leading neobank for SMEs and freelancers in Europe. simplabs works with their web frontend team to boost their productivity, establish Ember.js best practices and ensure long term success.


Cardstack builds the experience layer for a decentralized internet. simplabs helped them complete their Card UI system and validate its abilities in various prototype projects, identifying and fixing some issues in their core framework along the way.


Trainline is Europe’s leading independent rail and coach platform. We worked with them to deliver a high - performance mobile web app, along with an improved engineering process, enabling Trainline to achieve their business goals for years to come.