We write about Ember.js, Ruby on Rails as well as Elixir and Phoenix.

Front End Development

Progressive Web Fundamentals

Progressive Web App technologies let you delight your users with the best modern browsers have to offer, without sacrificing compatibility for legacy environments.

Module 1 Duration: 180 minutes

1 — Server-Side Rendering

We’ll examine server-side rendering technology in general, and then focus on popular implementations in some important web frameworks.

Module 2 Duration: 240 minutes

2 — Service Workers

Service workers are programmable proxies that remain installed on our users’ systems, and are powerful allies in the effort to allow instant loading of our web apps.

Module 3 Duration: 120 minutes

3 — Durable Data

Localstorage, cookies and IndexedDB all serve to allow us to store data that may outlive a user’s session within our app. We’ll learn about strengths, limitations and best practices as they apply to each of these tools

Module 4 Duration: 90 minutes

4 — Beyond the Browser

On mobile devices, there are several ways we can create a native-like experience while still building for the web. We’ll learn about web app manifests, splash screens, bookmarking and more!

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