We offer individual and group training to help teams advance their skills.

We offer a variety of developer training to help teams advance their skills in many frontend and backend topics. Professional Developer training can dramatically improve developer's productivity (we're usually told between 8% and 20%) and thus provide a manifold Return on Investment. All of the Workshops can be customized to meet your team's specific needs - contact us to discuss how we can help you best.

All of simplabs' Workshops are taught by Mike North. Mike is a global speaker, trainer, Front End Masters instructor and Pluralsight author. He has taught developers all over the world how to use Phoenix, Elixir and Ember.js.

Image: Ember Pro

Ember Pro

We’ll go way beyond the fundamentals, tackling topics like authentication, advanced debugging techniques, server-side rendering, modular app design.

This course is designed to help developers already familiar with Ember.js to unlock the true power of the framework.

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Image: Ember-CLI Basics

Ember-CLI Basics

Ember-cli is truly a world class build tool, and it’s more capable and versatile than most people think!

We need look no further for proof of its impact than angular-cli and react-create-app, as continuations of the idea that Single Page Apps are deserving of first class tools, optimized for their specific needs.

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Image: Ember Intro Quickstart

Ember Intro Quickstart

In this abbreviated intro course, you’ll get a taste for what the Ember.js framework has to offer. We’ll focus on two of the most important aspects of building a single page app: routing and components.

By the end of this course, you’ll have a sense for what Ember offers, and will understand how it compares & contrasts with React and Angular 2.

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Image: Ember-Data Basics

Ember-Data Basics

Harness the power of the official persistence library of the Ember.js framework.

We’ll cover all of the basics you need to know in order to make ember-data the best part of working with your back end, diving deep into adapters, serializers and the store.

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Image: Ember Basics

Ember Basics

A thorough introduction to this opinionated, productivity-oriented web framework, covering all the basics you need to know, in order to get up and running successfully!

This course serves as a solid foundation for a deep understanding of emberjs and modern javascript development.

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Image: Phoenix for Rubyists

Phoenix for Rubyists

Phoenix Framework draws heavily upon important foundations in the opinionated web frameworks that came before it, like Ruby on Rails.

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Image: Phoenix Fundamentals

Phoenix Fundamentals

Phoenix makes building robust, high-performance web applications easier and more fun than you ever thought possible.

Combining popular conventions formed in popular projects like Ruby on Rails with the robustness of Elixir and the BEAM make it an excellent choice for a broad range of applications.

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Image: Elixir Fundamentals

Elixir Fundamentals

Elixir’s combination of modern language features, and a 30-year-old battle-tested foundation at its core, has made it increasingly popular over the past year.

This course provides a strong foundation for writing general-purpose functional code, and is intended for developers already proficient in another language.

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Image: Web Security

Web Security

Security is an increasingly important part of building modern web applications, but developers often fall victim to the pressure of tight deadlines. In this course, we’ll get hands on both from the attacking and defending standpoint, and learn how to keep the baddies out.

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Image: VS Code

VS Code

Visual Studio Code is a modern, lightweight and full-featured code editor, built from the ground up to suit the needs of web developers - JavaScript developers in particular. In this course, we’ll dive deep into using, customizing and extending it.

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Image: Modern JavaScript

Modern JavaScript

JavaScript is flexible enough to do just about anything, and while this is one of its great strengths, it’s also what makes best practices less clear. This deep dive into the fundamentals and latest advances in the language will help you learn how to make the most of it!

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Image: TypeScript Fundamentals

TypeScript Fundamentals

Adding strong typing to large JavaScript apps with TypeScript helps reduce bugs, and keep developers on the performant and maintainable path. In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know to be successful when using TypeScript to build web apps with React, Ember.js or Angular 2.

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Image: Modern SEO

Modern SEO

Getting the most out of search engines and social networking is more important than ever! Take advantage of Google, Facebook and Twitter’s most advanced features, and boost user engagement.

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Image: Sass Fundamentals

Sass Fundamentals

Sass addresses many of the maintainability problems we typically experience when writing CSS, and makes writing styles fun again! This basic course will help you make the most out of this awesome preprocessor.

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Image: Progressive Web Fundamentals

Progressive Web Fundamentals

Progressive Web App technologies let you delight your users with the best modern browsers have to offer, without sacrificing compatibility for legacy environments.

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