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Jumpstarts for tech teams

Approaching new technologies can be overwhelming at times. Our technology experts can help teams identify the core concepts and ideas behind a particular technology, understand them well and apply them successfully for the long-term. We are experts in a wide range of topics, from languages and frameworks to architecture and process best practices and share our expertise so others can grow from it.



Teams that have existing products and need to ensure they are set up for long-term success can benefit from our code and architecture reviews. We will break down the application's architecture, identify bad our outdated patterns and give guidance for the future. We deliver an extensive report with a list of findings, explanations as well as suggested fixes and prioritisations.

We have written and reviewed applications for various international clients in the past, covering technology stacks from Ruby on Rails to Ember.js and Elixir/Phoenix.


Architecture guidance

Sometimes teams need someone to help kick-off a project and make sure the right decisions are made early on. Our technology experts have years of experience with various technology stacks and can help define an architecture, make technology decisions and setup a stable engineering process to get a project going and ensure its long term integrity.

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