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Timify is an online appointment scheduling service that connects service providers with clients.

They have helped over 17.000 businesses worldwide make their online appointment scheduling easier and more accessible, allowing them to improve their customer service and spur revenue.


Laying a solid foundation

After Timify had validated their business model with a prototype built in-house, as the business was growing it became clear the prototype wouldn't be a solid foundation for the future. They needed to re-engineer the entire system, making sure it was based on a solid foundation that would enable them to iterate fast without sacrificing quality.


Delivering high quality in time

We built the first release version of the application for Timify in 4 months, allowing them to meet their internal deadlines. After the initial release, we joined forces with Timify's in-house engineering team, teaching best practices and ensuring modern and idiomatic Ember.js patterns were followed. This way, we were able to ensure long-term success for Timify's in-house team, based on the foundation we had laid.

A path into the future

Our technology experts also spearheaded several engineering efforts focused around premium subscriptions along with payment system integration, localization of the application in 15 languages and support for time zones.


Premium Subscriptions


Payment Integration


Application Localization

simplabs' experienced engineers delivered a solid and well architected foundation for our web app. They also helped us establish best practices and a lean process internally. Working with them was a pleasure.

Andreas Knürr, Timify CEO

Building on a modern stack

Ember.js proved to be the right technology choice for an ambitious application like Timify that was built to last for years. The baked in conventions enable larger teams and applications to move fast without breaking things.

Leveraging modern web technologies like SVG for the main calendar view, we were able to achieve decent runtime performance even for large data sets. The json:api based server API allowed us to implement the client and server side of a feature concurrently.

Our Expertise

We value conventions-based frameworks that result in maintainable and well-defined projects which are easy to take over by our clients once we've left.

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