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Approaching new technologies, overcoming long standing issues that negatively affect productivity or delivering large scale projects on time and budget can be overwhelming at times. We tutor engineering teams to help them overcome these challenges and set them up for long term success.

We are experts in a wide range of topics, from languages and frameworks to architecture and process best practices. We share our expertise so others can grow from it.

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“simplabs’ expertise in developing Ember.js based applications helped us to define and develop the new DD-WRT NXT user experience. Their work did provide the new foundation for our UI and our in-house development team greatly benefitted from their knowhow.”

Peter Steinhäuser, embeDD CEO

Why Simplabs?

simplabs has unique expertise and insights into modern web engineering technologies like Ember.js. We are strongly engaged in open source with several team member on the Ember.js core team and a number of libraries that we maintain ourselves. Our experts are internationally known for their work on all parts of the software development process, often sharing their knowledge at conferences and events across the globe.


We can review our clients' code bases thoroughly and will prepare an extensive document, listing all of the problems we’ve identified. For each problem we provide an explanation and background information, a path forward and a severity assessment that can help with later prioritization. We end the review with a meeting in which we present the findings, discuss questions and together with the client, lay out a plan of action.

We have reviewed applications for various international clients in the past, covering technology stacks from Ruby on Rails to Ember.js and Elixir/Phoenix.


We conduct individual or group workshops for our clients to bring their teams up to speed with particular technologies quickly and enable them to complete ambitious projects with confidence. From introductory workshops on frameworks like Ember.js or Phoenix to advanced classes on distributed systems design, authentication, deployment or scalability, we set up customized training sessions that suit the needs of our clients and their teams.

Our Expertise


We are Europe’s Leading Ember Experts.


Elixir is the language of choice for scalable and stable applications.

We have a track record of successful projects for international clients


Generali approached simplabs when they were looking for support with an internal Ember.js project. We guided their team during the course of the project by teaching and establishing best practices until the project’s successful completion.


simplabs was approached by Clark when they were looking for guidance on how to solidify the codebase of their insurance management app. We conducted a thorough review, presented the workshop to the team and layed out a plan for addressing the identified issues.

Neighbourhoodie Software

simplabs helped Neighbourhoodie successfully complete their first Ember.js project. We conducted an on-site workshop for their team, teaching Ember.js’ fundamental concepts as well as advanced patterns, enabling their team to complete their project successfully.


We are Europe’s Leading Ember Experts

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