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We help companies lacking the team or expertise they need to deliver ambitious projects. Our technology experts merge with our clients' in-house teams and ensure timely delivery at cutting edge quality while sharing their know-how and experience along the way.

We will make sure our clients have the expertise and confidence to successfully complete their project once we have left.

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“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with simplabs. Their team of experienced JavaScript engineers quickly slotted in to our in-house development teams. Their expertise with modern, agile software development best practices and tools meant they were able to work with our processes to deliver fantastic customer experiences.”

Mark Holt, Trainline CTO

Why Simplabs?

simplabs has unique expertise and insights into modern web engineering technologies like Ember.js. We are strongly engaged in open source with several team member on the Ember.js core team and a number of libraries that we maintain ourselves. Our experts are internationally known for their work on all parts of the software development process, often sharing their knowledge at conferences and events across the globe.

Sustainably boosting Productivity

We take part in all engineering conversations with the client's team, pair with engineers on features and bugs and often prepare presentations and workshops around concrete problems the team faces. Through this approach, we are able to boost the team’s productivity in three ways; we add workforce to overcome the initial obstacles, we solve long-standing impediments making the development process more efficient, and we level up the in-house engineering team making their future work more impactful.


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How We Work

We maintain a lean process that supports the team rather than stand in its way. Find out more about how we work to deliver ambitious software solutions for our clients.

We have a track record of successful projects for international clients


Qonto is the leading neobank for SMEs and freelancers in Europe. simplabs works with their web frontend team to boost their productivity, establish Ember.js best practices and ensure long term success.


Cardstack builds the experience layer for a decentralized internet. simplabs helped them complete their Card UI system and validate its abilities in various prototype projects, identifying and fixing some issues in their core framework along the way.


Trainline is Europe’s leading independent rail and coach platform. We worked with them to deliver a high - performance mobile web app, along with an improved engineering process, enabling Trainline to achieve their business goals for years to come.


We are Europe’s Leading Ember Experts

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