Team Augmentation : We help teams ship and become more effective

Our technology experts merge with your in-house product teams to ensure timely delivery of large-scale projects. Extra capacity and senior expertise ensures engineering quality, while simultaneously lifting in-house productivity.

We leave our clients with additional expertise and confidence to successfully complete their project once we step away.

Augment your in-house teams

Whether it’s the completion of a complex project or simply to get up-to-speed on the latest engineering practices, teams value the know-how and experience of our senior engineers.

Deliver large projects on time and on budget

We take part in all engineering conversations with your product teams, pair with engineers on features and bugs, and add workforce to overcome technical obstacles

Boost team productivity

Alongside your engineers we help solve long-standing impediments to make the development process more efficient, and level up the in-house team to make their future work more impactful.

Get an outsider’s perspective

Whether it’s languages and frameworks or architecture and process best practices, a fresh perspective from our experienced team can help your teams work more efficiently.


I've had the opportunity to work alongside the simplabs team on both their client-facing work for Cardstack and their open source contributions. They are experts in Ember and they are a team that takes good software-development practice seriously.

Ed Faulkner, Cardstack Lead Developer and member of the Ember.js Steering Committee

What makes simplabs engineers unique?

We are strongly engaged in open source with several team members on the Ember.js core team and a number of libraries that we maintain ourselves. Our experts are internationally known for their work on all parts of the software development process, often sharing their knowledge at conferences and events across the globe.

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