Product design sprint

Product design sprints are a step-by-step process for product design. They were originally developed by Google, and are now used in top companies all over the world. Ideas are tested and validated with real users in just five days.

The Workshop

The first step is to assemble a cross-functional team with the goal of aligning on a challenge and collaborating to create a solution. Each day of the product design sprint is focused on one goal: aligning, exploring solutions, deciding, prototyping, and finally testing.

Workshop overview

  • Day 1: Unpack

    Create a common understanding of the problem and set measurable goals to focus on solving throughout the sprint.

  • Day 2: Sketch

    Derive inspiration from existing solutions understanding why they work. Following that, we will sketch various strategies of our own.

  • Day 3: Decide

    Go through possible solutions and decide which are is most likely to solve our long-term goal.

  • Day 4: Prototype

    Create a realistic working prototype in just one day! At the same time, we prepare for user testing the next day.

  • Day 5: Test

    Receive feedback on the prototype from real customers and learn what’s working and what’s not.  Following that, we plan our next steps.

After the workshop

After a design sprint, we often run a second iteration sprint. In this iteration sprint, the focus is on refining the prototype. We apply the feedback that we received in the sprint and test it once again with our users.

Customized to your team's needs

Design sprints are customized to your team and your needs. Although we enjoy collaborating with your team in every step of the way, we can also tailor the workshop so your team is only present for a fraction of the time.

From the first day, we started realizing how much better our first product could have been if we had used a design sprint. Building and designing our app became a team effort and involved our users.This brought about a product that was supported by the team and wanted by our users. Tekwane Mwendwa, CEO & Co-Founder of Asilimia

Workshop leads

Mar High

Director of Product Design

Mar helps companies solve their user's problems in creative and scalable ways. She's an advocate of design sprints because they facilitate cross-functional collaboration and effective, tangible improvements in a very short timeframe. Mar has facilitated design sprints for a variety of clients: from founders with just an idea to startups and large corporates.

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