Hands-on Ember.js

Ember.js is the frontend framework for ambitious teams that never stop shipping without getting lost in low-level rabbit holes.

This workshop covers all relevant aspects of the framework. It targets beginners that are just starting new with Ember as well as teams that are using the framework already and are looking to deepen their knowledge.

The Workshop

We go through a series of stages that each build on one another. Each topic is introduced via an in-depth presentation as well as a small, focussed demo application that illustrates the respective concept in practice. Over the course of the workshop we take participants through building a full Ember application step by step so each topic can be applied hands-on with the support of our tutors. Depending on each team's needs and previous experience, we will cover each topic in varying depth. The workshop can be done in 2 days or stretch over 3 days.

Workshop overview

  • Ember.js Basic

    We'll look at what the basic building blocks of an Ember application are and how they play together. We also take a look at the CLI and development tooling like the Ember Inspector.

  • Templates and Components

    Rendering DOM elements is the most essential task of every Ember app. We'll dive deep into Handlebars, Ember's component model, tracked properties as well as actions and modifiers and more advanced topics like complex component architectures, component reusability concerns and architectural approaches.

  • Routing

    Ember pioneered the idea of driving the application state through the URL. In this stage, we'll explore Ember's routing, the template hierarchy and advanced concepts like loading and error states.

  • Ember Data

    This stage covers all aspects of Ember Data, from the basics like working with models and the store to advanced topics like adapters and serializers, the json:api spec as well as data loading patterns.

  • Services

    Ember's services are a simple yet powerful mechanism for sharing state throughout the application as well as encapsulating specific functionality. We'll cover how services work and look at typical use cases and patterns.

  • Testing

    In this stage, we'll dive deep into Ember's testing story, exploring the different kinds of test, patterns around mocking elements unrelated to a test as well as stubbing network requests and fake data.

  • Auth (optional)

    We will cover fundamental authentication and authorization concepts, discuss different mechanisms and related security aspects.

  • Deployment, Performance, SSR and SSG (optional)

    In this stage, we'll look into serving Ember applications in the most performant way. We cover topics like CDNs, caching and service workers, as well as server-side rendering and pre-rendering with FastBoot.

  • Ember's object model (optional)

    Ember applications building on versions older than the Octane edition are still using Ember's legacy object model with patterns like computed properties and mixins. In this stage, we cover those concepts in depth as well as explore approaches for migrating to native classes.

Customized for your team

Different teams have different needs and levels of experience with Ember. The workshop can be done for beginners as well as more experienced developers by covering different topics in different levels of depth. We are also happy to customize workshops for the specific needs of a team and cover topics like performance, debugging, upgrading from older versions of Ember or topics particular to a team's application.

The workshop can be done remote or on-site although we recommend on-site if possible.

I would send any new developer in our company to this workshop! Previous Participant

All examples and practical assignments from the workshop are available publicly on GitHub.

Workshop leads

Ricardo Mendes

Senior Frontend Engineer, Ember Framework and Learning Core teams member

Ricardo is a long time Ember core team member and one of the main people responsible for Ember's documentation. He is passionate about teaching and has worked with teams around the world to deepen and extend their knowledge about the framework.

Marco Otte-Witte

Founder and Managing Director of simplabs

Marco has been working with Ember since before the 1.0 release. He is the original author of ember-simple-auth and has built large Ember apps for international clients.

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