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simplabs' founder Marco Otte-Witte, interviewed Daniel Beutler, an executive coach and advisor, that helps companies and startups to scale and grow. Before that, he was President of Trainline International, which he led through becoming one of the most successful European Tech-IPOs of the last decades.

Daniel talks about accepting the necessity for change in a growing company to ensure the business keeps scaling and how this often requires putting the ego aside.

He also touches on the benefits of a diverse working environment and how diversity actually supports the effectiveness of teams.

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Built to Last #9: Expert insights

Melanie Aronson, Founder of Panion

Melanie shares her experience of educating herself and learning the processes of product development in order to hire the right people.

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Built to Last #8: Expert insights

Roman Leuprecht, co-founder of Uniki

Roman shares his thoughts on the right approach to feature planning and the importance of getting feedback early on in the development process.

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Built to Last #7: Expert insights

Yoran Brondsema, co-founder and CTO of Sutori

When building large web apps, minimize accidental complexity. Yoran shares how Ember.js became an obvious choice for Sutori from both a business and productivity lens.

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