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For Built to Last #8 simplabs' founder Marco Otte-Witte talks with Roman Leuprecht, co-founder of Uniki. The IT solution develops a cloud-based app platform that makes it possible to get secure global access to numerous cloud applications.

Marco and Roman discuss the right approach to feature planning and the importance of getting feedback as early as possible in the development process.

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Built to Last #7: Expert insights

Yoran Brondsema, co-founder and CTO of Sutori

When building large web apps, minimize accidental complexity. Yoran shares how Ember.js became an obvious choice for Sutori from both a business and productivity lens.

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Built to Last #6: Expert insights

Khalid Maliki, co-founder of Tykn

Khalid shares how he empowers his team to feel ownership over their work. This includes encouraging everyone to set their own goals and celebrating both achievements and failures.

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Built to Last #5: Expert insights

Aymeric Augustin, CTO of Qonto

Aymeric talks about how he views Qonto as a pipeline that takes input, runs a value-adding process, and puts the output in the hand of their customers.

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