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Marco Otte-Witte interviews Karol Domagalski of Upfit, a mobile app that helps people live a healthier lifestyle. Upfit adapts to people's eating habits, working life, budget, and time and creates customized nutrition plans, shopping lists, and so on.

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Built to Last #1: Expert insights

Christina Roizheim, co-founder of not less but better

"Pressure doesn't solve problems" – a powerful takeaway from the co-founder of not less but better, an app that helps you overcome bad habits through techniques from behavioral psychology.

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Built to Last #3: Expert insights

Joel Kelly, founder & CEO of Eve

Coming from the event industry, Joel hits the nail right on the head: "It is fundamental that the engineering and product development team are working together really closely [...] so they can adapt quickly to what's going on."

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Built to Last #4: Expert insights

Peter Arnold, CEO and co-founder of EnterAnGo

A conversation with the co-founder of a business travel management tool on the challenges around planning and feature time estimation.

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