Our Process

We specialize in a powerful toolbox and are enthusiastic about agile methodologies.

Our Toolbox

While Ember.js, Phoenix and Ruby on Rails are the foundation of most of our projects, we will generally choose whatever technology is best suited to get a particular job done. We keep our eyes open and love to explore new technical opportunities.

Our Process

We are enthusiastic about agile practices and a flexible development process. While we don't think planning is evil per se, we don't overplan so the project can always adapt to changing requirements or focus. Projects start off with a kick-off workshop to get everybody on the same page and from that continue with one-week sprints.

As a project is implemented, we will not only regularly communicate progress but also the how and why behind design decisions we make. We do require clients to actively participate in projects. Lightweight feature branches in combination with continuous staging and production deployments help keep track of progress and avoid misunderstandings.

Do you Have a Project in Mind?