We hire people that are passionate about web technology and open source.

JavaScript Frontend Developer (m/f), on-site in Munich

We're currently looking for a JavaScript Frontend Developer to join our team in the office in Munich. You'll work in a small, international team with responsibility early on and can have a large impact on client as well as open source projects.

We expect some experience with modern JavaScript development and you should have used a client side MVC framework before (we're focussing on Ember.js but it's fine if you know e.g. Angular or React well). Ideally you also know CSS well. We expect an appreciation for clean, well written and (of course) tested code.

Who we are

simplabs is a small and growing Engineering Consultancy based in Munich. We develop custom solutions using cutting edge technologies for our clients, do classic consulting and also training and workshops. Our clients range from small local and international startups to enterprises.

We focus on Web Engineering with Ember.js, Elixir/Phoenix and Ruby on Rails and are actively involved in the respective communities. We attend, sponsor and speak at conferences, organize meetups and work on Open Source projects.

simplabs office


  • you will work on client projects as well as our open source projects.
  • you'll work closely with our clients - discussing implementation options, reviewing code, advising them on technology decisions etc.
  • we're actively involved in the open source community and give talks, attend conferences, host meetups etc. If you enjoy doing that as well that's great and we'll make sure to support you in any related engagements.
  • writing blog posts on interesting topics or just things that we learn while working on projects is part of the daily job and we'd like you to write some as well.


  • good experience in JavaScript, the Web Platform and ideally good knowledge of HTML/CSS as well.
  • some experience with Ember.js, React or Angular would be great and we expect you to have a general understanding of the idea behind client side MVC frameworks as well as the concept of MVC as such.
  • we expect an appreciation for clean and well tested code rather than just pushing out features.
  • if you have experience with Server frameworks as well that's a plus.
  • we lean heavily on convention over configuration based frameworks and expect an appreciation for the concept as such.

What we offer

We're a team of openminded and forward thinking developers who are passionate about well crafted code. Beyond a great team culture and a relaxed work atmosphere in our office in the city center (we're actually right next to the Isar!), we offer work on exciting projects for clients ranging from small startups to big enterprises, national as well as international. We work closely with our clients and usually join a shared Slack channel with their teams. You'll have responsibility early on and have a large impact on client projects. We also offer the opportunity to travel internationally - either to visit clients on-site for a limited time or to attend Tech Conferences (if you like to speak and submit CFPs that's awesome!).

We start the day with our standup meeting in which everyone gives an update on what they worked on the previous day and what they plan to do on the current day. Apart from that we're pretty lean and don't have a lot of process. We practice a feature branch based workflow with continuous testing and peer reviews.

Apart from working on client projects we also maintain a bunch of open source libraries and tools on which you'll work on as well.

  • self-guided work on interesting projects for international clients
  • competitive Salary
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • time to work on open source projects
  • personal support to deepen your knowledge
  • chance to attend and speak at international conferences
  • a flat hierarchy without a lot of process standing in your way
  • regular Company events
  • a communicative, international team
  • flexible work environment
  • a nice office in the city center
  • the latest MacBook Pro (or the previous one if you don't want the TouchBar) plus an external 4K display
simplabs kitchen

If you feel you're a good fit, send us a message to . Please make sure to include your Github account if you have one or any other samples of your previous work.

Interested in joining us?