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simplabs has been an active member of the Ember Ecosystem from the early days. We are the leading Ember consultancy in Europe and are involved in Ember.js core teams like Ember CLI and Ember Learning. We also maintain a number of widely adopted addons.

simplabs’ expertise in developing Ember.js based applications helped us significantly to define and develop the new DD-WRT NXT user experience. It was impressive to see in what short time such a complex application leveraging a customer backend interface could be implemented. simplabs' work did provide the new foundation for our UI and our in-house development team greatly benefitted from their know how.

Peter Steinhäuser, embeDD CEO


Community engagement

Ember.js is a project built by an open community and we are an active member of the community. We support the Ember.js Munich and Ember.js Berlin meetups are are co-organizers of EmberFest, the european Ember Community Conference.

We share our expertise

Every new projects gives us the opportunity to learn and grow our expertise. We share what we learn with the community via talks at conferences and meetups and on our blog.

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