Expedition Case Study : An online travel magazine for global citizens

Expedition approached simplabs when they needed help laying the foundation for advanced features in their Elixir and Phoenix based API as well as making sure their Ember.js based client was following best practices.

We helped them to develop a system architecture that would set them up for future success, getting the most out of their technology stack.



Expedition is an online travel magazine for global citizens that lets travellers experience the world's best destinations through the eyes of a local.

Our Expertise


Elixir & Phoenix

Elixir is the language of choice for scalable and stable applications.

simplabs brought wisdom, flexibility, and sane solutions when facing complex problems. They went above and beyond to work with our unique situation - would recommend 1000x.

Bryan Langslet, Expedition CEO

Long-term enablement

We reviewed Expedition's code base and identified a number of issues that we presented to the in-house team, together with background information and severity assessments for prioritization.

Our experts then continued to build prototype implementations for a number of advanced features in Expedition's system. Leveraging Elixir's and Phoenix's capabilities we were able to implement advanced mechanics with clean and concise code with significantly less effort and complexity compared with more traditional tools.

A path into the future

Expedition's in-house team was able to expand on our foundational work, handed over in an open and well-communicated way. The document generated during the initial review phase, along with background information and strategies for taking on each issue, helped them to address relevant issues before they would turn into impediments, keeping their productivity high.


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