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# elixir

Elixir Umbrella Applications and Testing with Mox

What's the big deal with Elixir umbrellas?

An Elixir umbrella is a container for mix apps; a structure useful to separate the application's concerns as each app is contained within its own mix project.

Why is this cool?

Because it's like Lego and Lego is cool.

Who's Mox you ask?

Mox is cool too... Let's dive in!

Niklas Long

March 13, 2019

# elixir

Handling Webhooks in Phoenix

I recently had to implement a controller, which took care of receiving and processing webhooks. The thing is, the application had to handle webhooks which often contained very different information, and they were all going to one route and one controller action. This didn't really seem to fit with my goal of keeping controller actions concise and focused. So I set out to find a better solution.

Niklas Long

February 14, 2018

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