Blog: Better code with lint-to-the-future

Chris Manson

Senior Software Engineer, Ember Learning Core Team member


Have you ever wanted to add a new lint rule to your project but didn’t have time to fix a thousand files at once just to get your ci passing again? In this post, I’m going to show you a nifty new project called lint-to-the-future, that is going to make that process a breeze.

Having lint rules implemented from the beginning of your project is a great way to make sure that your codebase stays neat. However, adding a new lint rule or even updating your framework-specific lint rules can be quite challenging: this is exactly what lint-to-the-future is designed to help you with. It is not a tool to replace eslint or any of your linting tools, but rather a handy helper that integrates with your existing workflow to help you progressively update large codebases.

In the following video, I'll demonstrate how to make use of lint-to-the-future’s command-line tool to help you enable a new lint rule while overcoming the problem of "lint rule explosion".

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