Blog: Built to Last #6: Khalid Maliki, co-founder of Tykn

Marco Otte-Witte

Founder and Managing Director of simplabs


simplabs' founder Marco Otte-Witte speaks with Khalid Maliki, co-founder of Tykn, a platform that allows organizations to issue tamper-proof digital credentials that are verifiable anywhere and anytime.

Marco and Khalid discuss the importance of giving team members true ownership over their responsibilities and how to establish the right team structure and a strong culture to run a remote self-managed team successfully.

In simplabs' Built to Last interview series, we talk to industry insiders about their experiences and learnings enabling their teams to tap into their full potential. We discuss the foundation for sustainable product creation, covering topics like collaboration, process, remote work, tooling and infrastructure.

Thanks a lot for being part of Built to Last, Khalid Maliki.

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