Blog: simplabs monthly update - July 2019

Mark Coleman

Communications and Community Outreach Specialist


Welcome to the fourth installment of our monthly update. This one is later than expected but still packed with all the events and activities that have been happening at simplabs along with the things we're looking forward to. Enjoy.


Upcoming webinar - The ultimate marketers guide to modern web apps and why users are demanding more

On August 12th at 6pm UTC+2 we're running a webinar to help forward-looking marketers understand recent changes in web technology and how they can be used to create incredible experiences for their users.

From the site: "The way that web apps are built has changed dramatically in recent years. Changes in devices, browsers and usage patterns have created a wave of innovation which is waiting to be used by forward looking marketing departments.

After this webinar you will understand why these changes are occurring, how technology is responding to this shift and crucially, how you can use these technologies to build incredible experiences for your users."

New simplabs website

We recently recreated our website in Glimmer.js, the fast and light-weight UI components library, based on Ember.js' rendering engine. We will have a blog post online going into more details soon. Feel free to take a look around!

New blog post from Tobias Bieniek

Tobias Bieniek recently released a new blog post entitled Sentry error reporting for Ember.js which was positively received. You should check it out.

New version of ember-intl-analyzer released

First announced in the May monthly update, the ember-intl-analyzer CLI tool which analyzes your app code and finds unused translations for you has received an update. Supporta JS decorators now and will warn about missing translations. Check it out on GitHub.

Other news

Ricardo Mendes released a new episode of the Conversas em Código podcast, this time talking about Internationalization, Flags, and Inputs.

Upcoming Events

We're always interested in new speakers for the various meetups we're involved in. If you'd like to give a talk, please get in touch.

EmberFest - October 17th & 18th

EmberFest is coming together nicely.

Taking place in Copenhagen in October, EmberFestEU brings together the European Ember community for two days of talks and activities. The CFP closes on August 1st so if you'd like to give a presentation remember to get your submission in on time here.

To attend grab a ticket while you still can and keep an eye on the Twitter account @EmberFest for updates as the conference takes shape.

Chris Manson at Leeds JS

On July 31st Chris Manson will be speaking at Leeds JS about Empress, which is the technology behind empress-blog and Guidemaker which powers the current Ember guides. Check the full event details.

Jessica Jordan speaking at EmberCamp

On September 16th Jessica Jordan will be at EmberCamp in Chicago talking about how state management is easier than ever in Ember Octane! Check the full schedule.

Past Events

Ember.js Berlin - Javascript for Beginners

On May 24th and 25th Jessica Jordan, Samanta de Barros and Chris Manson ran a Javascript for beginners workshop in Berlin.

Day 1 was an installation party to make sure that everybody was set up for day 2 when attendees were guided through creating their first web application using EmberJS! The workshop was open to women and those who are non-binary, and was a great success.

We plan to run another session like this in the future, so keep an eye on the @simplabs Twitter feed for more news.

Jessica Jordan at JSConfEU

JsConfEU On the 1st of June Jessica Jordan spoke at JSConfEU with her talk "Crafting Comics for Literally Everyone" in which she highlighted how you can craft an immersive webcomic experience that is accessible for blind, visually-impaired and sighted readers alike! You can watch the whole talk on YouTube.

Ricardo Mendes talking at Commit Porto

On the 22nd of June Ricardo Mendes gave his talk "Thriving through the hype cycle: an Ember.js story" at CommitPorto.

Jessica Jordan speaking at FullStackCon London

Jessica Jordan spoke at FullStackConf in London with her talk "Crafting Comics for Literally Everyone".

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