Ember.js Workshop in Munich, July 22nd-24th


We are organizing a three day Ember.js Workshop in Munich from July 22nd to 24th, taking participants through building a full Ember.js application.

The topics we will cover are:

  • Ember Basics - understanding the core concepts
  • Ember CLI and the container
  • The Run-Loop, Promises and ES2015
  • Routing from the outside in
  • Ember Data - connecting an application to an API
  • Components - data down, actions up
  • Services and managing State
  • Testing Ember apps
  • Debugging Ember apps and the Ember Inspector
  • Authentication
  • Deployment
  • Animations and Effects with Liquid Fire
  • Realtime Data with Websockets

There will also be a Welcome Party at the first evening and luch served at the Workshop Venue! Register now as we only have limited capacities.

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