Blog: Ember.SimpleAuth 0.3.0

Marco Otte-Witte

Founding Director of simplabs, author of Ember Simple Auth


Ember.SimpleAuth 0.3.0 was just released. The main change in this release is the split of Ember.SimpleAuth into one core library and a set of extension libraries. These extension libraries include everything that’s not mandatorily required for Ember.SimpleAuth like authenticators, stores etc. so that every application would only have to load whatever it needs.

These extension libraries are:

  • ember-simple-auth-oauth2: includes the OAuth 2.0 authenticator and authorizer which are just one option out of many and probably not needed in many projects (e.g. when using a custom authenticator)
  • ember-simple-auth-devise: new authenticator/authorizer package that is compatible with the Ruby gem devise.
  • ember-simple-auth-cookie-store: The cookie store which is probably only used in few projects.

There are hopefully more extension libraries to come as people start to provide more authenticators, authorizers and other components and now there’s a (more or less, pre 1.0) stable API for these libraries as well as a set of tasks to build and test them

Another bigger change in this release is that having an authorizer is now optional. As there are applications that are purely client side and don’t use a server backend expecting every application to use an authorizer was probably not so great in the first place. However, applications that do use an authorizer can simply configure one in Ember.SimpleAuth’s setup method and everything will behave as before:

  name: 'authentication',
  initialize: function (container, application) {
    Ember.SimpleAuth.setup(container, application, {
      authorizerFactory: 'authorizer:oauth2-bearer',

For more information about this release see the release notes at:

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