Blog: Ember.SimpleAuth implements RFC 6749 (OAuth 2.0)

Marco Otte-Witte

Founding Director of simplabs, author of Ember Simple Auth


Update: Ember.SimpleAuth 0.1.0 has been released! The information in this is (partially) outdated.

With the release of Ember.SimpleAuth 0.0.4 the library is compliant with OAuth 2.0 - specifically it implements the "Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant Type" as defined in RFC 6749 (thanks adamlc for the suggestion). While this is only a minor change in terms of functionality and data flow, used headers etc. it makes everyone’s life a lot easier as instead of implementing your own server endpoints you can now utilize one of several OAuth 2.0 middlewares that already implement the spec.

With the OAuth 2.0 support also comes support for access token expiration and refresh tokens. Using expiring access tokens improves overall security as replay attacks are less likely while with refresh tokens Ember.SimpleAuth can automatically obtain new access tokens before they expire so that the user doesn’t recognize the token actually changes.

Other changes

Other smaller additions include support for external OAuth/OpenID providers and manipulation of the request used to obtain the access token. Also the API was simplified and the login and logout actions were moved to the ApplicationControllerMixin and the /logout route has been removed. The new API now looks like this:

  name: 'authentication',
  initialize: function (container, application) {
    Ember.SimpleAuth.setup(container, application);
}); () {

App.ApplicationRoute = Ember.Route.extend(
App.LoginController = Ember.Controller.extend(

Future plans

Currently I’m working on adding API documentation within the source together with a means of generating some nice HTML out of that. I don’t currently see that there is much else missing in the library so I’d like to release a 1.0.0 version soon. Of course I’d like to make sure that Ember.SimpleAuth is actually being used and working so please submit bug reports, patches etc. or provide general feedback/ideas!

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