Blog: excellent 2.0.0

Marco Otte-Witte

Founding Director of simplabs, author of Ember Simple Auth


We just released excellent 2.0.0 which has some big improvements:

  • now supporting config file .excellent.yml in current working directory to configure which specs to run/ not to run with thresholds, patterns etc.
  • predefined globals will not be reported anymore ($!, $@,
    , ``,$’,$+,$1,$2..,$~`,\$=,\$/,\$\,\$,,\$;,\$.,\$,\$\_,\$0,\$\*,\$\$,\$?,\$:,\$",\$DEBUG,\$FILENAME,\$LOAD_PATH,\$stdin,\$stdout,\$stderr,\$VERBOSE,\$-0,\$-a,\$-d,\$-F,\$-i,\$-I,\$-l,\$-p,\$-v)
  • enabled previously disable checks again: AbcMetricMethodCheck, ControlCouplingCheck, CyclomaticComplexityBlockCheck, CyclomaticComplexityMethodCheck, ForLoopCheck, FlogBlockCheck, FlogClassCheck, FlogMethodCheck
  • testing now uses Rspec 2
  • internal cleanups/simplifications

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