we are web and open source enthusiasts


simplabs was bootstrapped in Munich, Germany in 2013 as a technology consultancy focussed on modern web engineering. Since then, we have built ambitious applications for various international clients, from startups to long-established businesses.

We are an international team of Web and Open Source enthusiasts. We value expertise and a passion for technology higher than location and work for clients across the world.

We have written and reviewed applications for various international clients in the past, covering technology stacks from Ruby on Rails to Ember.js and Elixir/Phoenix.


Moving fast without breaking things

We have a passion for technology and value conventions-based tools. We like to move fast without breaking things and leverage extensive testing and constant reviews to ensure we deliver high quality results.

We ❤️ Open Source and take an active role in the projects that we leverage for our clients, contributing code and supporting the communities.


Expertise over location

We value expertise and a passion for technology higher than location. Our distributed team of technology experts works from various locations in Europe for clients across the world.

Being a remote company doesn't mean everyone needs to be remote at all times though. We have regular company events to connect offline and spend some time together - we even invite our clients to join us!

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