We are an international team of Web and Open Source enthusiasts.

International Engineering

simplabs has an international team with the main office located in Munich, Germany. We work for clients all over the world, offering Software Engineering, Technology Consulting as well as Individual and Group Training with modern Web Technologies.

Open Source

simplabs loves Open Source and we don't only use it to implement our client's projects but also actively maintain a number of projects ourselves and contribute to some of the most advanced projects in their respective fields. These projects include Ember Simple Auth, Ember Data and Ember CLI.

Using open source ensures our projects are based on a solid foundation and benefit from the community behind it.

Community Engagement

Our team is regularly present at international conferences. We give talks, engage in the community and help by sponsoring conferences like EmberConf, ElixirConf.EU, Emberfest, enterjs and others. We also organize local user groups and help girls and women learn Rails at Rails Girls.

Reaching out to the community is the best way to move open source forward, which eventually benefits everyone.

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